Moving forward; a concept of many forms…

Moving forward can be extremely different for me to you. Moving forward can be from a friendship, ex-relationship, graduating school, moving to another job, grieving a loss, and so much more. Moving forward can happen every six months, every two years or as close together as every single day.

In life, the saying moving forward can truly being something that crosses once but for myself, it occurs much more frequently. As I prepare to end my Undergraduate career, it is bittersweet to me on how I will move forward from a place I called my home for the past five years. I came in as a young, relaxed and naive nineteen year old and am learning as an educated, much more aware and stable twenty-five year old. To say I am scared is the least of it but I am trusting the way Hunter taught me many lessons and educated to get me to my next chapter. I knowly have so much more to learn and that is the excitment grasping my attention right now.

To the future, may we always move forward

Modern Loniliness“- Lauv

“Modern Loniliness” discusses the struggles of always being depressed due to the multiple issues that our world can throw you. It begins with speaking about issues at home, with a father figure, and gradually ties into speaking about that one issue creating every other problem in your life to tie into the first problem, the home issue. It brings up points that sometimes, we do not let our first problem in our life go, so every other occurrence that comes into our life drags behind the first like a train and eventually we burst. I choose this song to open my blog because it brings up a very significant point, if we do not move forward from one issue in our life at a time, we will never grow. I heavily believe that every occurrence in our lives molds us into the person we are meant to be. We choose a path, go left or right and with that choice, we lead our own way.

“I Dont’ Wanna Be”– Gavin Degraw

“I Don’t Wanna Be” by Gavin Degraw, gives a twist of a soul potientially losing themselves during a hard time and realizing that they do not want to be that person. It digs deep into someone wanting to be themselves, whoever that might be and no one else. The real question is “Who am I?” “How did I get here?” and “How can I be the person I was meant to be?”. The lyrics express that he wants to find himself and in doing that he is choosing to move forward and do what it takes to do so.

“The Climb”– Miley Cyrus

As I was researching songs, I come across the song that truly got me through my childhood struggles. “The Climb” talks about the journey along the way; the moving on. When one door closes, we all know that in our near or far future, we want to create a stable and happy life right? but we never think about the journey. This song expresses that faith, time and confidence is all tied into moving forward and without those three aspects, your journey will be a little bit harder. Don’t get me wrong, these aspects are not easy to build but that is where patience within yourself comes into to open the new chapter in a positive light.

“My Heart will go on”– Celine Dion

“My heart will go on” is a classic song featured in the very famous movie, The Titanic. From the footage, to the script, lyrics and beautiful tone & sound, this movie is a well known classic that although is surrounded around the genre of Romance, goes much deeper than the love between Jack and Rose. It describes that one single individual could truly make or break your life but it is essential to keep them as a lesson or blessing. Although true love does exist, at times, it takes an individual to lose the one that grasped their heart go, and move forward for the respect and worth of themselves. Just because someone captured your heart in such a way does not mean it was meant to be with that person. In life, we recieve what we need and may not always have wanted.

“This is Me”– Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman cast

This imparticular video truly gets to me every time. I have cried to it countless amount of times for the simple fact of passion in their eyes. Although this was a musical film and others may think that “it’s for the movie”, I disagree. One reason I chose this video is because I want to portray that no matter who you are, you have a past, present and future. You went through battles, ups, downs, and calm points. When this cast is singing this song, they are crying for multiple reasons and in my opinion, it is because this song touched their hearts. This song speaks in a way where “We are who we are and if you do not like it, well that is your loss”. Sometimes in life, moving forward is excepting that people who were once the center of your circle, will now because someone on the outside looking in. It is utterly said that in life, you tend to lose people along the way of moving from one chapter to the next and I would say that is one-hundred percent true because you find out who you are and if someone does not appreciate you for who YOU are, then why should they stay?


“Life is a Highway”– Rascal Flatts

“Life is a Highway” has a different approach than other songs that I have spoken about. The metaphor for the name of the song and meaning, is brilliant actually. Life will drives you in circles and circles, sometimes you pass the same spot twice but eventually you will get where you need to get. This song has always been an uplifting song that made me feel that no matter what of chaos and hardships that came my way, I could get through. Life is a cycle, we keep going round and round until we are where we are meant to be.

“Silver Lining”– Mt. Joy

This song really stuck out to me because of the following verse:

“But if its’s the drugs, the women, the wine, the weed, the love that took everything I own, just take it oh oh, oh…”

When hearing this verse, I was hooked because it listed multiple situations in life can force you to move forward without not always wanting too. Moving forward, as we noticed throughout a few of the songs I posted heavily sits on the want-need affect of life. When he said “Just take it, oh oh oh”, it brought the attention to me that I once felt where you cannot always help the situations in your life, but there comes a point where you WANT to move forward rather than NEED and that shows growth; a key aspect of moving forward.

“Blind Leading the Blind”– Mumford & Sons

When listening to this piece, you can feel the pain of the artist in saying that due to lack of something in their relationship, he is forced to move on. The following verse truly moved me.

“Your cynicism buys me no more time here. Imagine my relief to hit the walls. Running from the weight of ancient labels and leaving what identity was well my generation’s stuck in the mirror”.

Although this is not the whole verse, it stuck out to be for the simple reason of having someone else pushing you to the point of moving forward quicker. It is ironic how in life, sometimes a person comes along, leaves, an opportunity rises, a loss occurs and it can push you to the moving forward that you always “wanted” to maybe do but would’ve have done on your own.

“Don’t Stop Believing” – Glee Cast

“Don’t Stop Believing” has always been a big song in my household growing up. My dad would love to listen to this song before he went to coach softball and since I helped him out, it became a game ritual. This song goes much deeper and exceeding the levels of the actually job of moving forward but the confidence and faith that comes along with it. It touches a nerves and has a moving sound to it that in time of need, can re-charge someones’ “battery” and push them to continue on fighting for that next chapter that they are endeavoring.

“I’m moving on”- Rascal Flatts

To wrap up my blog, I felt that this song was extremely appropriate. Not exactly for the name but for the meaning behind it. In life, we go through everyday, moment by moment and do not even realize at the of the idea what had occurred. When it is time to endeavor the next chapter of your life, the emotions are endless, the nerves and never ending and it is one ball of anxiety but it should be a good thing. It shows YOU that you have concurred so much and it is time to take all you learned, where molded into and accomplish more! This song truly represents that regret is okay, as long as you learn from it and try your best not to look back. This is our one life to learn. Never stop learning & most importantly, never stop moving forward…



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